HiddenLynx is a relaxing chinese chess (Xiangqi) game designed to be played every now and then. It includes only the basic functionality you need. Just play a game when you feel like it and forget about the rest:
  • move pieces by dragging them with the mouse
  • available moves are highlighted when you place the mouse cursor over a piece
  • undo/redo a move
  • automatic save/load when you exit/start the program
  • every game you play is archived for future reference
Hiddenlynx in currently available for Windows only. The Mac version is under development.

for Windows (4.2Mb)

Technical Information
Here's some information for those who are interested in chess game engines:
  • The search algorithm is a min-max search with alpha-beta pruning
  • HiddenLynx uses iterative deepening to maintain nearly constant thinking time for each move. The iterative deepening is enhanced with the principal variation line (i.e. the previously best branch is searched first when the next deepest level is searched)
  • To further speed up the search, HiddenLynx uses killer heuristics (i.e. it considers the moves of the strongest pieces first)
  • The evaluation of the board is based on the "mass" of the pieces and an additional position map, which ranks strong positions for each piece type with a higher value.
  • On a computer with a 3.2 GHz CPU, Hiddenlynx searches roughly 7-11 plies in 10 seconds.